Property Insurance


Fire Insurance policy provides the coverage against loss or damage caused by Accidental Fire and Lightening.

Burglary & House-Breaking Insurance

Insurance covers for any loss or damage by burglary with forcible & violent entry into the insured premises.

Accident Insurance


Personal Accident Insurance provides benefits to the insured against accidents or death of a family member.

Medical Expenses Insurance


Personal Accident Insurance provides benefits to the insured against accidents or death of a family member.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

This policy designed to provide insurance coverage to electric and / or Electronic Equipment.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This policy provides insurance coverage to Machines against risks like Electrical Defaults, Handling Damage etc.

Boiler Explosion Insurance


Insurance coverage against the Explosion / Implosion to Boilers, Economizers, Super heaters and other Pressurized Vessels.

Cash in Transit Insurance


Cash in Transit Insurance provides the necessary financial security.

Vehicle Insurance


Vehicle Insurance covers damage of the vehicle and the Third Party Liability under Comprehensive Vehicle Policy.

Marine Transit Insurance


Marine Transit Insurance provides coverage against both imports and exports of goods.

Contractors’ All Risk Insurance


Contractors All Risk (CAR) policy is designed to cover all types of civil engineering projects like buildings, dams, flyovers, etc.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance


Policy covers all direct pecuniary loss to the employer caused by act of Fraud or Dishonesty committed by all or any of the Employees.

Duty Insurance


Insurance pays duty of India / difference between market value and C.I.F. value in the case of insured goods

Everest Travel Trip Insurance


Buy online instantly without any medical check-up up to 85 years of age and get coverage for all checked-in baggage.

Erection All Risk Insurance


Covers risks associated with storage, assembly/erection and testing of Plant and Machinery.

Household Insurance


Household Insurance Policy provides the comprehensive coverage against different risks to your home.

Public Liability Insurance


Insurance covers the payable compensation in connection of legal liability of the Insured on account of loss or damage to the third party property.

Banker’s Indemnity Insurance


Insurance provides comprehensive insurance coverage from one single insurance policy to the institutions.

Agricultural Insurance


Insurance covers for various agricultural activities like Livestock, Poultry, Fish, Paddy, Vegetables, and Fruits etc.